Quang Ninh poured over VND 8,300 billion to build Van Don economic zone

The total demand for investment capital from the State budget of Van Don economic zone for the period of 2019-2030 is estimated at VND 8,350 billion.

Van Don economic zone is planned to become one of the driving forces of Vietnam’s economic development

Quang Ninh Provincial People’s Committee has just promulgated a plan to implement the Prime Minister’s conclusions on investment and development of Van Don economic zone. The goal of the plan is to make Van Don one of the economic drivers of Vietnam, one of the leading groups in the livable city of Asia – Pacific.

Quảng Ninh rót hơn 8.300 tỷ đồng xây dựng khu kinh tế Vân Đồn

To accomplish this goal, Quang Ninh proposes five key task groups, including: Investing in perfecting the synchronous and modern infrastructure system; developing high-class tourism; developing modern services; High-tech industry and agriculture.

In particular, the top task set by Quang Ninh is the development of transport infrastructure. Specifically, for air transport, the provincial People’s Committee’s plan stated that the province’s goal is to study investment, expand and increase the capacity of Van Don airport to reach over five million passengers and 30 thousand tons. goods by 2030.

Besides, Van Don will attract investment in building a number of heliport (helicopter taxis) on islands to facilitate travel between Van Don and Ha Long, Mong Cai and a number of other islands. hovercraft shape.

Regarding road traffic, Quang Ninh province requests to speed up the construction progress of Van Don – Mong Cai expressway, build a number of bridges connecting from Cam Pha to Van Don economic zone, allocating capital. books on investment in routes crossing islands, coastal roads and trunk roads.

Quang Ninh will also invest in the construction of a coastal road, running along new urban areas along Bai Tu Long Bay according to the 44m cross-road standard; the consolidation road is parallel to the Van Don – Mong Cai Expressway and transversal axes connecting the consolidation road with 334 and coastal roads; axial roads along Ban Sen commune and road bridges from Ban Sen to Quan Lan according to the standards of grade III mountain roads, the road surface is from 7.5m to 10m wide.

In addition, the province will renovate and upgrade the main road along the Quan Lan – Minh Chau floating island, Quan Lan – Yen Hai road into a delta grade III road. Upgrading the route through Ngoc Vung Island, from Cong Yen wharf to the center of the commune and Truong Chinh beach area. Study and build cable car from Cai Bau to Tra Ngo Island – Cai Lim.

Regarding waterway transportation, Van Don plans to attract investment in the construction of Hon Net – Con Ong general port, the general port north of Cai Bau Island, the tourist port in Bai Dai area and on Minh Chau islands, Quan Lan, Ngoc Vung, Thang Loi and Van Canh.

Upgrading and expanding Cai Lon port (extending the path and widening the port), completing Quan Lan and Con Troi ports, building a road connecting Con Troi port with Quan Lan – Minh Chau road, building a new wharf Hon Hai port.

Regarding tourism development strategy, Quang Ninh aims to develop high-class tourism in Van Don, striving to attract about 2.5 million visitors by 2030. Including over 170,000 foreign visitors to Van Don.

To accomplish this goal, for the tourism infrastructure, the province will continue to prioritize, support and urge strategic investors to implement investment projects on tourism and vacation complexes. high-end resort with casino – an award-winning game aimed at creating high-class tourism products that attract tourists, especially Asians.

At the same time, guide and urge investors to complete investment procedures and develop high-class hotel complexes in Bai Dai area and Cai Rong urban area.

For tourism products, Van Don will focus on attracting investment in the development of modern tourism products and services, interactive and simulated games based on information technology platforms and other Amusement park, theme park on an international scale. Research to attract attractive and high quality tourism products capable of exploiting and attracting tourists all year round, especially in winter. Developing high-class tourism products combining health care, medical tourism, tourism combining study, experience and sports to meet the needs of tourists

Also according to the plan of the People’s Committee of Quang Ninh province, the total demand for investment capital from the state budget for the period of 2019 – 2030 is based on the master plan of socio-economic development of Van Don economic zone till 2020, with a vision. by 2050, the approval of the Prime Minister will be VND 8,350 billion

In particular, the provincial budget reserved resources and allocated VND 2,400 billion in the period of 2019 – 2025 to invest in infrastructure for Van Don economic zone. Proposing the central budget to balance resources and supplement Van Don economic zone with VND 2,100 billion in the period of 2019 – 2025.

Van Don economic zone mobilizes resources from land of about VND 350 billion in the period of 2019-2025 and devotes all the budget revenue in the area to reinvest. It is estimated that the budget revenue for investment is about VND 3,500 billion in the period 2026 – 2030.

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